By the Ministry of Defence Industry the process of production of defence products is successfully performed in Azerbaijan and we managed to gain big achievements in this sphere as well
Ilham Aliyev

Prinsipal trends

The Ministry of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan from December 16, 2005, No 1181 on the basis of the State Committee for Special Engineering and Conversion. .

Enterprises of the Ministry with regard to their production rangeare related to following industries:

  • RPE İglim, Avia-Agregat plant, RPE Sanayejihaz (Prompribor), RPE Dalga” and Alovplant are the biggest suppliers for aviation and shipbuilding industries.
  • Radiogurashdirma (Radio engineering), Azon, Peyk and Computer plants are manufacturing products for communication means and radio-electronic industry.
  • RPE Neftgazavtomat, Telemekhanika and Baku Jihazgayirma (Instrument Engineering) plants are involved in manufacture of devices and automation systems for monitoring technological processes in oil/gas production, refinery and chemical industries.
  • RPE “Automatic Lines” is manufacturing non-standard equipment and products for application in electrotechnical &machine engineering industries.