Preliminary arrangements are under way to hold Azerbaijan Defence Exhibition “ADEX-2018”


Azerbaijan International Defenсe Exhibition "ADEX-2018" will be held from 25 to 27 September in Baku on the initiative and with the organizational support of the Ministry of Defence Industry. The biennial show, having been organized for the first time in the region in Azerbaijan since 2014 under the name "ADEX" to demonstrate weapon systems and military equipment is an exciting exhibition event. "ADEX" exhibition, to be held for the third time, along with a grandiose display of the state of the art weapon systems & military equipment will be a clear demonstration of strength and power of the Azerbaijani defense industrial complex. The traditional attendance of the exhibition by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, raises the significance of the event.

"ADEX-2018" exhibition to be held at Baku Expo Center, expects the participation of more than 200 companies from the developed countries. The exhibition will be joined by the national groups from Azerbaijan, Turkey, France, Russia, Israel, Belarus, Pakistan, Serbia, Ukraine and other countries. Among the participating countries are the leading companies of the defense-industrial complex of Bulgaria, China, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands and other countries. The exhibition will occupy three pavilions of Baku Expo Center, as well as an open area.

The pavilion of the Ministry of Defense Industry will be located in the third hall of the Expo Center, where the latest weapon systems and military equipment produced by the ministry’s facilities will be showcased. The exhibition participants and visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the innovative solutions & potential of the developing defense industry of Azerbaijan.

To ensure the defense & security of the country, within the frame of the business program of the exhibition presentations of the innovative research results, products & technologies along with bilateral meetings with the representatives of foreign delegations, manufacturers and customers are envisaged. Thus, "ADEX-2018" shall become a fair platform for showcasing the latest weapon systems and signing new contracts within the scope of the international military-technical cooperation.

"ADEX-2018" exhibition attracts great interest from local and foreign media. The informational support of the exhibition is provided by more than 60 local and international leading media - news agencies, websites, journals.

The show, organized and joined by the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan Republic, is also supported by the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan Republic. The “Caspian Event Organisers” (CEO) company is also acting as an organizer of the exhibition.

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