Staff of the Ministry of Defence Industry Celebrates its Professional Holiday


On 17 December the staff of the Ministry of Defence Industry (MDI) firstly visited Alley of Honor paying tributes respectively to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev and laid a wreath in front of the Memorial. Memory of the outstanding academician Zarifa Khanum Aliyeva, scientist-ophthalmologist has also been commemorated and bunches of flowers were put on the memorial grave. Graves of heroic sons of Azerbaijan fallen in the way of independence and territorial integrity of their motherland were also attended in the Alley of Marthyrs and a wreath was laid in front of the Memorial of the “Eternal Flame”. The Ministry’s staff also attended National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s memorial bust erected in the yard of “Radiogurashdırma” Plant.

After the formal part a ceremonial event has been opened, starting from the national anthem of Azerbaijan. 

Opening the ceremony, minister Yaver Jamalov congratulated the staff on the occasion of the professional holiday- the Day of the Employees of the Ministry of Defence Industry. He informed that on the eve of the professional holiday the Republic President Ilham Aliyev signed Orders on awarding the group of the Ministry’s employees with honorary names “Honored Engineer” and medals “Terregy” and “For the distinguishing in the State Service”. With this regard, the minister expressed gratitude to the President Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the staff. 

The Minister noted that the thought-out and consistent policy implemented in the recent years by the Head of State Ilham Aliyev allowed the republic to achieve great success in all spheres - to ensure the growth of financial resources, to act as the initiator and main participant of transnational projects being implemented in the country, to create infrastructure meeting modern requirements, to launch in  production enterprises  fitted  with  new technology equipment and  to further strengthen Azerbaijan's positions in the international arena. Supporting activities of entrepreneurs, issuing them long-term loans, improving business environment, led to an improvement in the living standards of the population, increasing the competitiveness of the economy and laid the foundation for the steady growth of our country's credibility in the world community.

Economic progress, creation of new jobs, putting into operation after capital reconstruction of factories and plants, which activities had been interrupted as a result of the reigning in the first years of independence in the country chaos, arbitrariness and lack of management experience, further increases people's confidence in the future. The results of successful implementation of state programs aimed at strengthening social protection of the population, raising wages, pensions, issuing targeted social assistance to low-income families and reducing poverty are clearly visible.

The adoption of the program on the development of the country's industrial infrastructure - "State Program for the Development of Industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2015-2020", imposes great obligations on the Ministry of Defence Industry, as on other organizations of the republic.

At present, the staff of the Ministry of Defence Industry continues to perform important works within the scope of the State Program. Thus, construction works started at 56 production sites were performed last year, and after the completion of the finishing works in June this year 2 production sites were commissioned with the participation of the Head of State, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev.  In the near future, it is planned to open 2 more plants - hot stamping and mechanical assembly of shells of different caliber for tanks and artillery and cartridges to them. At the same time, work is in progress on the construction of plants for the production of explosives, such as: pyroxylin, ballistic powder, TNT, hexogen, which are the main components in the production of ammunition. In addition, work is in progress on the creation of production sites for the production of 4 types of head fuses for artillery shells, as well as additional propellant charges for mortar rounds of various calibers.

This year, the Ministry of Defence Industry, as in previous years, has ensured the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

Works on production, repair and utilization of defense products in accordance with the production program for the current year and on orders of the Ministry of Defence and other security & law enforcement agencies had been performed and the products have been handed over to customers.

During the reporting period, the volume of defense products handed over to the Ministry of Defence and security & law enforcement agencies grew by 7.1% compared to the same period of the last year. The total production volume of defense and special-purpose products increased by 6.5%, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. Such growth has been ensured by exports. The share of these products in the total output is 91.5%.

In the current year, activities aimed at fulfilling the instructions of the Head of State relating to production of new generation weapons were in progress. These projects include a new generation of UAVs fitted with high-explosive fragmentation & upgraded cumulative warheads, as well as the national product of Azerbaijan – the armored vehicle “Tufan” and other products.

In 2017 development works were in progress at the Ministry’s facilities on creation of 136 types of defense products.

This year, the Ministry's enterprises completed production of 4 types of products -  a special sniper rifle “Yalquzaq”, a training hand grenade F-1, an optical collimator KXP and a 40 mm hand grenade launcher, and their serial production have been launched. Moreover, the special sniper rifle has passed state trials and was recommended for adoption. At the same time preliminary tests of QP-25 hand-held grenade launcher, various types of automatic weapons were conducted, tests of 4 types of barrels for small-caliber small arms, various caliber of mortars of increased range and fuses for rounds of various calibers have been launched. Development works on 44 stages have been performed.      

The activities are being carried out at the ministry’s facilities for production of defense products & assimilation of new types of civilian products. Performance of work aimed at production of new types of civilian products, has borne fruit. 

The R&D on production of defense products are being successfully carried out on the basis of the research potential of the ministry’s institutions.

In 2017 the R&D on 31 topics are being in progress in the Research Institute of the Ministry, with 15 on creation of defense products. The R&D covering 34 different spheres are being carried out in the National Aerospace Agency, with 17 on creation of defense products.    

The Ministry of Defence Industry is also carrying out purposeful work to expand the country's export potential and import substitution, which is one of the main directions for ensuring sustainable development of the country.

Today, the Ministry of Defence Industry exports various types of ammunition, modern small arms and artillery weapons, UAVs, armored vehicles and other products, developed and produced by its enterprises.  At present, defense products manufactured in Azerbaijan are exported to more than 10 countries.

The Ministry of Defence Industry, participating on the instructions of the Head of State in the international exhibitions since 2009, along with the leading companies and enterprises from the developed countries - the USA, England, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Turkey, etc., in May this year demonstrated at the International Defense Industry Exhibition  "İDEF-2017" in the capital of Turkey - Istanbul  260 types of products. As well as in other events, presented at this exhibition products were met with great interest. 

During the exhibition, an agreement was reached with the joining the event representatives of other countries on their participation in the third International Defense Exhibition “ADEX-2018”, which will be held in Baku next year.

Within the frame of the exhibitions the ministry has reached agreements on various areas of military - technical cooperation and carried out an exchange of views on implementation of different projects. Moreover, MOU and Protocols on  export of products have been signed.

The thoughts voiced by President Ilham Aliyev in connection with the activities of the Ministry of Defence Industry during the opening ceremony of production enterprises in the city of Shirvan in June this year: "The main goal of the establishment of the Ministry of Defence Industry was to reduce dependence on imports, create new jobs and provide the Armed Forces with modern technology and armament. Today's achievements and reality testifies that we were able to achieve our goal", were perceived by the MDI staff as the highest evaluation of the ministry's performance.

The minister noted that these successes resulted from the implementation by the President of the Republic of Ilham Aliyev of a set of measures to reconstruct the country's industrial infrastructure.

Other speakers expressed deep feelings of joy and gratitude on the occasion of the celebration of the professional holiday at such a high level and noted that the staff of the Ministry of Defence Industry, constantly aware of the attention and care of the Head of State, will make every effort, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ilham Aliyev for the development of the defense industry and provision of the National Army with new types of weapons, military hardware and ammunition.

During the event, the staff congratulated the group of employees of the ministry, awarded by the order of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev with honorary titles and medals. Distinguished employees of the ministry were awarded badges "Advanced Worker of the Ministry of Defence Industry", Certificates of Honor, cash awards and gifts, as well as Certificates of Honor of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan.

In the end an appeal addressed to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the ministry’s staff has been accepted. 


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