Ministry of Defence Industry has held senior staff meeting to discuss the results of the first quarter of 2017


Results of the production and financial-economic activities of the unions and enterprises in the first quarter of 2017 and the objectives standing ahead have been widely discussed during the meeting held under the chairmanship of the Minister Yavar Jamalov.

At the meeting was noted that the work was in progress to carry out the program for the current year and defense products on the requests of the republic’s security and law-enforcement agencies were manufactured and supplied to the customers. Work on broadening of production of civilian products was also underway.  

Due to grew in exports there was a 11,9 percent increase in volume of defence products over the previous year. 87 percent of the total volume of products manufactured at the Ministry’s facilities was for defence and other special purposes and 13 percent  for civilian use. The number of the assimilated types of defence products reached 1200.

During the reporting period the R&D were successfully carried out in the Research Institute and in the National Aerospace Agency in accordance with the state order. The development works on creation of 136 types of defence products are underway at the Ministry’s facilities.

At the meeting was also noted the successful completion of works on creation of the national mine resistant armored vehicle “Tufan” the model of which was presented for the first time at the 2-nd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition “ADEX-2016“ in 3D animation form and the official presentation of which was carried out this  February with the participation of the leading experts of the Ministry of Defence and other security and law-enforcement agencies. During the proving ground trials the national armored vehicle had met the set requirements and has got appreciation of the military experts.    

The armored vehicle “Tufan” weighting 12,3 t. and capable of safe carrying 3000 kg payload and a crew up to 10 men is a 100 percent national product being the embodiment of creative thinking and design experience of Azerbaijani engineers.

A universal weapon station fitted with 12,7; 14,5; 23 and 30 mm weapons and mounted on the top of “Tufan” vehicle has also been manufactured at the Ministry’s facilities. 

This year it is envisaged to launch serial production of sniper rifles «Yalquzaq», special light machine guns, automatic grenade launcher systems, submachine guns of different caliber, hand grenades “F-1”, rounds and other products which had been developed at the Ministry’s facilities and recommended for adoption.

Today intensive work is underway on creation of a new version of UAV «Zərbə-KМ» (with HE fragmentation warhead) which after presentation and successful trials was put into serial production last year – the UAV «Zərbə-KH» (with cumulative warhead) which is able to locate, track and destroy the enemy manpower, hardware and military installations within 100 km distance.

Moreover works have been launched on a project for the development of vehicles and ammunition with intensive electromagnetic pulse which will be carried out in two directions: development of electromagnetic pulse generators for mounting on the armored vehicles and aircraft bombs with sources of intensive electromagnetic radiation.    

The Ministry of Defence Industry being both the participator and organizer of the international exhibitions on the relevant instruction of the Head of State is going to showcase at the XIII International  Defense Industry Fair to be held on 9-12 May 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey 260 types of defense products developed and produced by its facilities.  

Reports of the directors of the unions and enterprises were heard out at the meeting.

Minister Yavar Jamalov stressed his positive appreciation of work done within the reporting period in the subordinated unions and enterprises of the Ministry.

In the end minister Yavar Jamalov has given special tasks to the directors of the unions and enterprises voiced by the Head of State for the development of the defence industry.

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