Presentation of National Armored Vehicle “Tufan” of the Ministry of Defence Industry has been Performed


On February 14 a presentation of the national Mine Protected Armored Vehicle “Tufan” developed and produced by the enterprises of the Ministry of Defence Industry was carried out.  

At the presentation joined by the representatives of the republic’s security & law enforcement agencies and mass media the detailed information on the armored vehicle “Tufan” has been given. 

It was informed that the conception of the mine protected armored vehicle “Tufan” presented for the first time at the 2-nd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition “ADEX-2016“ in 3D animation form was developed by the Ministry’s specialists within  6 months.

The shape of the hull and some other parts of the vehicle of this series somewhat differ from the previous prototype conception as a result of adoption of proposals put forward during the project implementation to meet technical specifications. MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) “Tufan” is 100 percent product being the embodiment of creative thinking and design experience of Azerbaijan engineers. The donor parts have been used only in the units of aggregates and chassis of the armored vehicle. Unlike  competitive models of this class the main rear door was replaced by a universal hydraulic ramp to increase the efficiency and mobility of the personnel in combat.      

“Tufan” armored vehicle weighting 12,3 t. can safely carry 3000 kg payload and crew up to 10 men. Mine protection level of the crew meets “STANAG-4569” NATO standard, thus providing safer mobility in real battle conditions and during anti-terrorist operations. 

The weight of the vehicle allows to build up the speed on the road to 85 km/h. and high off-road speed. Owing to high ground clearance and all-wheel transmission “Tufan” can easily overcome 65 sm trenches, 1,2 m water obstacles, 30° ascends/ descends and the hills at an angle of 18°. The turning radius of the vehicle is 20 m. The length of the vehicle is 7,3 m, the width - 2,44 m and the height - 2,8 m. The hull of MRAP “Tufan” is made of special homogeneous armor steel without any weld seams in the basic parts,   the shape of which has been obtained exclusively by metal bending.The hull design provides safety for the monocoque ecumene during the blast and the V-shaped lower hull deflects the wave from a mine away from the personnel inside the vehicle. Special benches, a double-layer floor, reinforced door hinges and five-point safety belts provide complementary protection for the personnel.

The vehicle’s universal hull shape comprises  230-550 hp 8-12 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and transmissions. Taking into consideration the basic and special requirements as well as modification it is allowed to make changes into chassis and   the internal items of the monocoque. On the base of “Tufan” armored vehicle it is possible to produce armored reanimobiles for evacuation of wounded, vehicles to support special operation forces in the course of anti-terroristic operations, command & staff vehicles for coordination of operations in combat conditions, as well as to equip the vehicles with platforms for mounting of anti-tank rocket systems and 120 mm mortars. 

At the top “Tufan” armored vehicle is provided with a universal weapon station produced by the enterprises of the Ministry of Defence Industry. Fitting the module with high precision optic and electronic devices allows to identify, prioritize and destroy enemy targets at a distance of more than 2 km. Arming the module with 12,7 mm NSVT-12,7 machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher allows to conduct firing in all weather conditions during the day/night. Automatic control, ammunition feeding and automatic observation system allows all-round firing (360°) without peeping out of the vehicle.   

The preproduction prototype of the armored vehicle “Tufan” and the weapon station after completion of proving ground trials at different environmental and operating conditions will be adapted to real battle conditions and re-engineered to its logical completion taking into consideration proposals and recommendations of military experts and professionals. So, for the first time in the operating activity of the Ministry of Defence Industry a wholly national product – MRAP “Tufan” will be listed in its manufacturing program.  


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